Kabuki Brush Set (19 PIECES) - X072

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10 pieces dual sided brush set - X073

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23 Pcs Brush Set - X021

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Beauty Wand 21 Pieces Brush Set - X066

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Makeup Brush Set (42 pieces) - X062

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Daily Life Forever52 makeup brushes set the pace for a beautiful face!

When it comes to applying the perfect foundation, you need the right makeup brush kit. Whether you apply makeup at home or visit a professional salon, the correct brush type and style will set the ideal canvas for the right makeup application. For that, it is important to buy high-quality makeup brushes from reputable brands. Though it is difficult to guess a product’s quality and durability from the shop itself, there are some techniques that you can use to make the best pick.

At Daily Life Forever52, we have products made from the best material that will ensure a smooth application, minimum effort and silky finish.

Whenever we think of makeup brush sets, we usually think about the different ones used for applying foundation. However, equally good-quality brushes are needed for the eyebrows, eye makeup and lip makeup. Our products move forward in even strokes, which give you a flawless application. They give you the freedom to experiment with different cosmetic products such as foundation, concealer, loose powder, eyebrows, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick.

If you are unable to buy them at a shop, you can check them out online too.

At Forever52, we are committed to quality service!

We offer you superior-quality makeup brushes that are helpful to create different looks with the Forever52 eyeshadow palette and eyeliner online. After finishing off with your foundation, concealer and loose powder application, go for a dramatic glam or soft-and-subdued neutral look with your eyes. Complete the look with eye mascara, blush and lipstick. Instead of directly applying a lipstick, choose a lip stain and apply it with a brush.

Applying lipsticks with brushes give your lips a natural but visibly different look. Each of our products is crafted to ensure a smooth, silky and easier application for a straightforward experience.

How to use the Forever52 makeup brushes?

There are different makeup brushes for different facial aspects and features — varying across thicknesses, textures and application methods — which can be listed as follows:

  • Achieve a flawless makeup application using Daily Life Forever52 face makeup brushes, such as applying a cream or liquid foundation using a soft brush with dense bristles. then, move on to sculpting the contours of your face with a concealer brush, shading and highlighting the cheeks using a face brush. If using cream or powder-based products, choose a flat contour brush.
  • Use a fine eyeliner brush to flawlessly line your eyes or a firmly-bristled definer brush that is flat, to define the eyes. Blend in or diffuse your eyeshadow with a blending brush, or use an in-stroke eyeliner brush, keeping your hand at an angle, to create delicate strokes in hard-to-apply areas..
  • Experiment with lip colours, blending or accentuating them to create bold or sober looks. Compact brushes define and colour in the lip contours, while brushes with firm bristles and tapered tips are good for liquid and cream-based lipsticks as they allow precise application.

Choose from our first-rate Forever52 makeup brushes!

The Forever52 brush set consists of different single makeup brushes catering to blush, eye-applicators, lip-fillers, lip-liners and highlighters. Handy and compact, you can take the set with you as you travel. They are easy-grip and durable products and are made of soft bristles making them safe to use on the skin, eyes and lips.

Here is a list of some of the most popular makeup brush kits:

  • The Forever52 Luxurious Touch 12-piece Brush Set (White and Pink)
  • The Forever52 Pro Professional 14-pieces Brush Set
  • The Forever52 Makeup Brush Set (42 pieces)
  • The Forever52 Fold-up Pouch Professional Makeup Brush set
  • The Forever52 Wanderlust 10-piece Brush set (Pink and Black)
  • The Forever52 23-pieces Brush Set
  • The Forever52 Beauty Wand 21-pieces Brush set

Every Daily Life Forever52 brush set comes with a specific number of brushes for professional makeup artists. Each set comes in a bag with compartments to neatly store makeup brushes and a detachable pouch that carries extra brushes.

We have synthetic brushes with soft bristles, which help the product blend easily into the skin. Wash the brushes frequently to prevent harmful bacteria or makeup residue, which could damage your skin when used in the future. Choose high-quality Forever52 makeup brushes for the perfect makeup application, but wash them with soap and water to keep them clean and sanitised at all times.