Fruity Nail Polish Buff - FRT018 – Daily Life Forever 52

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Fruity Nail Polish Buff - FRT018

Fruity Nail Polish Buff - FRT018

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Bright and brilliant colours- Long Lasting- Strengthens your nails

FREE Shipping on all orders anywhere in India


Show your true color and make your own style statement with the vivacious range of Fruity Nail Polish from Character Cosmetics. Add a pinch or brightness along with brilliant shine and dress your nails in the very best shades of all times as Character Cosmetics has let out its professional range of nail shades to help you stand out and put your best hand forward, confidently. The glossy texture looks opaque in a single coat and leaves a flawless impression in one go. Play around with a whole range of 50 vivid colors that not just make your nails gorgeous and sexy but also strengthen them.

How to use

Start from the center of the nail and move sideways. Character Cosmetics Fruity Nail Polish leaves a flawless impression in a single coat but for added drama you can use two coats.